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NOTE: This page is for the 2016 Off the Page production of Marriage of Kim K. For the revised leo&hyde production, click here.

An Off the Page production; March 2016 @ Keble O’Reilly Theatre, Oxford


In March 2016, I directed the premiere of leoemercer’s exciting new opera, The Marriage of Kim K. The show was an Oxford University student production, produced by Off the Page Productions.

See below for information about the show, video clips and picture gallery. You can watch our trailer here:

“This play was a triumph… on a par with the sorts of things I have seen on the Olivier stage at the National Theatre”
“Clem Faux’s score was absolutely brilliant… leoemercer’s libretto was light, silly, funny, but also charmingly poignant… All in all a fantastic production, play and cast”
VERSA (review)

“Amazing… one of the most exciting pieces of new writing seen in Oxford in a long time”
“It is rare to see opera that achieves something as exciting as this one”
“leoemercer and Clem Faux’s writing works incredibly well conceptually… their achievement is staggering”
Oxford Student (review)

“a remarkably imaginative and lovingly constructed piece of theatre… it is hard to escape the feeling that something genuinely new has been created here”
“The production is a feat that deserves great credit… technically [it] was very impressive and was pulled off to an exceptional standard”
Cherwell (review)

“The Marriage of Kim K runs the gamut of emotion, from joy to despair to anger and back again… it’s got the raw ingredients of the best play Oxford’s ever done”
Oxford Student (preview)

About the show:

Kim K ran at the Keble O’Reilly Theatre in Oxford from 2nd-5th March, 2016. Watch one of the original songs from the show below, performed by Figaro (Jack Trzcinski). Music based on a Mozart theme (Trzcinski / Hyde):

Videos directed, edited and shot by Dan Grimwood

Director // Stephen Hyde
Producer // Leo Mercer
Musical Director // James Hardie
Assistant Director // Isobel Fidderman
Assistant Producer // Edward Armstrong
Production Manager // Matthew Woolley
Set Designer // Harriet Bourhill
Lighting Designer // Alex Newton
Sound Designer // Mark Riley
Video Designer // Dan Grimwood
Marketing Manager // JC Niala
Graphic Designer // India Hill

Figaro // Jack Trzcinski
Kim Kardashian // Gabriella Noble
Kris Humphries // James Quilligan
Countess // Ell Potter
Count // Jono Hobbs
Beth // Amelia Gabriel
Mo // John Paul

Libretto / Story // leoemercer
Composer // Clem Faux



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