leoe&hyde is a music/theatre company specialising in genre-bending productions that both innovate and entertain. 2018 has been an exciting year for us so far, including the world premiere of our brand new musical Guy, which played at London’s Bunker Theatre this summer. Following multiple award wins and nominations, it has been transferred to London’s King’s Head Theatre and will be playing from 28 August – 1 September (you can book tickets here.)

We’re also going global with new productions of Queueue and Kim K in the pipeline for 2019 playing across two different continents, so watch this space! Click on the links below for more.

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Where we began…

The company was set up in 2016 up by leoemercer and Stephen Hyde, a northern music/theatre duo who live and work together in central Manchester, writing musicals for the twenty-first century. Inspired by Kim Kardashian, they share the process of creating a musical and putting it on at the fringe in a series called Keeping Up With Leoe & Hyde. Following the UK Tour of The Marriage of Kim K, they premiered their brand new electronic pop musical GUY which explored issues of toxic masculinity and body image in Manchester’s gay community. They are working on staging their new immersive coffee-shop musical Queueue as well as a brand-new revised run of Kim K in 2019.


The originality bursting from this fresh young talent is really exciting and marks leoe&hyde as a musical duo to watch out for”
Broadway Baby

“Leoe & Hyde are names to watch out for in the future”
Musical Theatre Review

“These hardy and inventive creatives… could be writing for the pop industry, and maybe very soon they will be: they have the ear of today and speak directly to the heart”
British Theatre

“Hyde & Mercer’s The Marriage of Kim K seems to achieve what so few [new operas] do: its own voice”

 “Leoe & Hyde are truly ones to watch”
A Younger Theatre

They share a passion for innovative, entertaining musical theatre, and each have a solo career: Stephen as director and theatre composer with a love of multi-media theatre, folk music and Shakespeare, Leoe as writer and poet with a tendency towards free spelling and emojis (*:-)*!). Aside from working with each other, they each collaborate with other theatremakers. Stephen’s all-female musical The Inevitable Quiet of the Crash, with lyricist Katie Hale played at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, whilst Leoe is creating AUTOPILOT SAVES MODEL S, an opera about the electric car company Tesla, with Marco Galvani.

Past productions include:

GUY (UK 2018 tour): an award-winning electronic musical about romance, rejection, and self love within the gay community. With 12 heart-pounding electronic-pop anthems, GUY is the story of millennial life, a journey through bingeing, gyming, prejudice, hook ups, beauty standards, and stolen identity that will leave you proud, empowered, and a little bit in love. The show premiered at London’s Bunker Theatre followed by a tour of Manchester, Birmingham and Buxton fringe festivals. Following popular demand and critical acclaim, it has been transferred to the King’s Head Theatre for a limited run at the end of this month.

Marriage of Kim K (UK 2017 Tour): a Mozart opera, a Kardashian musical – at the same time. A 72-minute whirlwind about a 72-day marriage, which toured to Oxford, Manchester, Buxton, Birmingham and London before ending up Edinburgh. The production garnered much critical acclaim and multiple awards. It is currently in development for a new production in 2018.

The Inevitable Quiet of the Crash (Edinburgh Fringe 2017): a new musical telling the story of three women living in contemporary London, who must come to terms with their grief after a man they all knew in different ways is killed in a train crash. It features a jazz drumming score and an all-female cast, and premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

See below for reviews and links to past production pages.


Praise for ‘GUY’:


Praise for ‘The Marriage of Kim K’:
“an outstanding creative triumph… a cutting-edge, entertaining, thought-provoking, exceptional work”
-The Upcoming
“This play is the future… an original, creative, and dazzling musical”
North West End
“a monster hit… wonderfully creative, with witty lyrics and outstanding orchestration… an absolute gem of a show, witty, beautifully crafted and superbly delivered”
-Opening Night

Praise for ‘The Inevitable Quiet of the Crash’:
“a thing of beauty… a potent and involving psychological musical”
-The Stage
“Stunning… a show that will strike at the core of you and leave you valuing your days”
-EdFringe Review
“a piece that glows with a soft power… quite simply magnificent”

Praise for ‘Queueue: A Coffee-Shop Musical’:
a deeply observant production – startlingly human, and a work of our time… the creators excel at reimagining musical theatre in ‘real life’ scenarios”
-Oxford Culture Review
“creative venue, funny plot, and amazing music… 10/10 would recommend”
-Oxford Opening Night
“a landmark bit of theatre… this is a show of bold, striking ideas and skilled performances”
-William Shaw, Oxford Student
“a funny, thought-provoking tale of our time, giving us an immersive 360 virtual reality check… a fantastic piece of modern musical theatre”
-Daily Info, Oxford

Praise for ‘King Lear’:
“quite-breathtaking… a stellar piece of theatre and an intense and visceral experience”
Oxford Student
“a great production… the music was original and brilliant”
“extraordinarily successful… a technologically immersive Lear”
-The Oxford Culture Review



November 2014: leoe&hyde is formed as Off the Page Productions, a student theatre company specialising in immersive theatre and contemporary music

February 2015: King Lear (Keble O’Reilly Theatre, Oxford)
Writers: Stephen Hyde and Ben Hopkins

June 2015: Yesterday: A Musical in Three Halves (Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford)
Writers: Katie Hale and Stephen Hyde

March 2016: The Marriage of Kim K (Keble O’Reilly Theatre, Oxford)
Writers: leoemercer and Clem Faux

June 2016: Queueue: A Coffee-Shop Musical (Modern Art, Oxford)
Writers: Stephen Hyde and leoemecer

September 2016: Leo Mercer becomes co-director and leoe&hyde is born

July-August 2017: The Marriage of Kim K National Tour (Arcola Theatre, London; C Venues, Edinburgh; 53two, Manchester; Old Pavillion Arts Centre, Buxton; Blue Orange, Birmingham; Old Fire Station, Oxford)

August 2017: The Inevitable Quiet of the Crash (C Royale, Edinburgh)