“Hyde’s music is…
 The Stage
…inventive and ornate… laced with surprises” The Guardian
…a masterclass in creating theatrical mood with music” Greater Manchester Reviewer

I compose in a variety of styles; from pop to folk; for both in-house musicals and outdoor touring productions – creating original songs that always have storytelling at their heart. Put on your 🎧 and have a listen…


Over the years I have developed a unique brand of electronic music for theatre with the music theatre company I co-founded, leo&hyde. From opera to synthpop, ballads to hip hop, take a dive into our sound-world by listening to our songbook –> or checking out our EPs on Spotify below.


With The Three Inch Fools I set Shakespearean verse, as well as creating original songs for the folk musicals that our motley troupe of actor-musos take on tour. <– Check out the playlist! To date, we have performed over 10 of the bard’s plays, and I have written two original productions: Robin Hood and The Gunpowder Plot.


You can also take a listen to some of the incidental music I have composed for plays, musicals and short films on the left.

Folk: The Lonning

My collaborations with singer & performer Amelia Gabriel have resulted in folk collaborative The Lonning. We have penned several songs together: Amelia writes the lyrics, and I write the music. We take our inspirations from British traditional folk, with updated themes for the modern world we live in.

Take a listen to our playlist –>, or watch our music video for Devil’s Footprints below.

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